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Tikka Banda was founded in late 2013, originally as a 6-piece band with the idea to offer a sound bite of a traditional Maltese Festa all year round, with a modern twist of course! Since then, Tikka Banda has grown and developed its repertoire to what it is today; a diverse, unique and modern 12-piece band ranging from wedding gigs to corporate functions. In 2018, Tikka Banda also got the opportunity to participate in the official opening for Valletta 2018, the European Capital of Culture for the year. The secret of the band’s success is its resident musicians, musical mentors, choreographers, narrators and other creative artists who all together have helped Tikka Banda achieve its success in both the local and international music industry. Together we have created numerous contemporary and interactive spectacles which have coloured the streets of Malta!

Tikka Banda Timeline

First Public Performance

Tikka Banda’s first public performance during Milied Melliehi 2013.

First TV Appearance

Tikka Banda made its debut on a local set of a local drama series in December of 2013. The production team had hired us back then as four freelance musicians to appear during a particular scene.

Naming the Band

Did you know that the name of the band started as a joke between 4 friends on the 26th of October 2013?

Meet the beat droppers.

Justin Formosa

B♭ Baritone, Creative Producer

"My dignity for playing music is to make it sound better than we found it."

Josefa Muscat


"Music is life for me! With it I feel alive; without it I feel incomplete."

Luke Vella

Clarinet, Composer, Musical Mentor

"My love for food nurtures my experimentation with different music elements."

Wayne Bonello


"Through music I can express my thoughts and emotions, it motivates me, comforts me and makes me happy!"

Lyden Briffa

Trombone & Euphonium

"A band without a trombonist would be as incomplete as life without music"

Dacian Camilleri


"Dacian is my name and destroying silence is my game!"

Joshua Farrugia


"I play the trumpet as I enjoy being loud as well as the centre of attention!"

Mark Vella

Euphonium, Trombone & Percussion

"Being a musician is just like being a football player, you need to train in order to be good at your sport."

Antoine Schembri


"With music I can play any type of genres therefore, I can express myself more than I can with words."

René Barbara

Tuba & Percussion

"Music is a huge part of my life, it truly fulfils my life."

Emilia Zrinzo Azzopardi

Percussion & E♭ Saxophone

"My passion for rhythm makes me keep on drumming."

Dylan Camilleri


"I love that I can amuse people through music, it's a huge satisfaction!"

Aidan Borg


"An energetic young musician, with a passion for martial arts and history."

Clayton Gomez Blanco


"It's not just about keeping up the tempo… It's about creativity and good vibes!"

Alan Saliba

Sousaphone & Tuba

"I followed in my dad's footsteps by playing the tuba and in my opinion it is the base of any musical ensemble."

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