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Tektek Nota is a youth ensemble which originated from the project; Be Tikka Banda for a Day. This programme provides an opportunity for young aspiring musicians to form part of an innovative and creative band. Tikka Banda organises fun activities such as musical workshops, team building sessions as well as performances which will help the young musicians develop their technique and skillset.

As a new musical platform aimed for youths, Tektek Nota has collaborated with other organisations from the performing arts industry in Malta. In 2019, Tektek Nota launched the first educational experience for youths during Tektika Kapitali, a Valletta Cultural Agency project, in collaboration with Malta School of Music. 

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My role in Tektika Kapitali was as the musical director where I adapted various musical compositions by Maltese composers. It was a very interesting challenge to work with such talented young musicians, where together as a team we reached a high level of performance. Tektek Nota is an evolving project exposing young musicians and I look forward to working with them once again on future projects.

Luke VellaClarinettist, Composer and Musical Mentor

As a parent - Tektek Nota provided my children a positive learning opportunity to play music in an ensemble and in a diverse setting then they are used to perform in. Well done everyone particularly for the music arrangements, the final performance was one to remember.

As a project coordinator - Working together with such talented youngsters proved to be very energetic and fun. Tikka Banda is investing in future generations offering them opportunities to learn good quality music whilst having fun.

Audrey Azzopardi

Being in charge of the percussion section allocated for Tektika Kapitali, I have noticed that these youth musicians have portrayed high levels of enthusiasm and willingness I in order to come up with a fun and original project which proved to be of a great success. With the sound of original percussion rhythms, spontaneous formations and colourful banners that caught the public's attention with the element of surprise, the audience stopped to observe and remained hooked on for the whole performance.

Clayton Gomez BlancoPercussionist