Traditional Band

The traditional band set-up is the founding roots of Tikka Banda, composed of traditional marching elements with a modern twist. The repertoire varies from classical and popular Maltese festive marches. The band’s uniform for this performance also exemplifies a traditional Banda. Our set-up presently consists of a continuous performance complimented with rhythmic drum cadences between musical numbers, offering a soundbite of a Maltese festa all year round!

The Street Beat

The Street Beat is an interactive musical production aimed at involving the crowd through numerous crowd pulling scenes. Our aim is to provide a surprise element through the choice of music and the presentation of different percussion rhythms. The Street Beat projects musical vibes, anything from current pop to traditional and folk music.

Wedding Crashers

Surprise your guests on the dance floor with Tikka Banda. Hitting Malta by a storm, our newest and most exhilarating wedding package! Tikka Banda have created a package including every little detail making planning your big day a breeze. From light & sound equipment to a superb pool of DJs to choose from and of course a lively hour of Tikka Banda in full steam. This package is aimed to offer soon to be newlyweds a one-stop-shop of affordable exciting wedding entertainment.

Kwinta Ram

Kwinta Ram is a subsidiary five-piece brass ensemble of Tikka Banda, a musical formation which is also supported with a drumkit percussion. Tikka Banda is not only about music but about the entire performing arts community. Kwinta Ram was created with the idea of combining band production with other forms of performing arts making the formation overall more interactive. Through Kwinta Ram, we have collaborated with theatre productions offering professional tailor-made music according to the request.

Tikka Projects

Over the years we have gotten the opportunity to work on a number of national and international collaborations and projects. Since then we have mastered the skill and enthusiasm needed to manage such ventures. Tikka Banda is always looking to participate and collaborate on new projects within the industry. We look forward to continue cultivating the creative sector! Have an idea, a proposal or just a simple thought? Get in touch, we’d love to meet up.