Welcome to Tikka Banda!

2020 has definitely thrown a few curveballs at us but we’ve come out swinging! This October marks out 7th anniversary since launching the independent musical ensemble back in 2013.



A little history

Tikka Banda was originally founded as a 6-piece band with the idea of evolving the traditional Maltese marching band into an interactive ensemble which blended various artistic elements. Fast forward to the present and we have grown to become a truly unique and diverse 12-piece band which provides a platform for musicians of all ages.

Fun fact: The name Tikka Banda came to us as a joke since we were only 6 members at the time!



A festa all year round

If we could sum up Tikka Banda in one phrase we’d describe ourselves as a soundbite of a traditional Maltese festa all year round! Every town and village across the Maltese islands has its own band club, some even have two or three! Maltese band clubs are a part and parcel of our cultural history. We want to be able to entertain by taking some of the traditional elements of such Maltese bands and giving them our very own modern twist!



A creative ensemble for young aspiring musicians


Over the years we have grown as individuals, as musicians and as Tikka Banda. In 2019 we launched Tektek Nota, a musical platform aimed for youths who aspire to form part of a vibrant and creative band. Through musical workshops and team building activities we are helping young musicians learn and develop their talents.



What’s next?


We have been featured both locally and internationally. We have produced and participated in numerous prestigious events in both high art and popular culture projects. We have launched our very own website.

Well we’re excited to see what the future holds and cannot wait to share future projects with you all on our brand new blog page! So be sure to subscribe to get the latest and greatest from our blog delivered straight to your inbox!

We’ve got music to fit your taste and style! With our high energy, innovative forward thinking and interactive set-ups we can help you ignite your event. Drop us an email to learn more about Tikka Banda!

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